Shore Helpers is dedicated to connecting families and businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy with volunteers who can help. If you live in areas affected by the storm and need assistance or if you would like help by donating your time, clothing and/or food then please register below. Please note, we are NOT seeking nor accepting cash donations. If you would like to give, please visit Restore Our Shore. For more information about Shore Helpers please read our FAQ.



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Cleaning Services5031f06cb9aaf10295a17fca86ac0644I CAN HELP
Cleaning Services5031f06cb9aaf10295a17fca86ac0644I CAN HELP
Tree RemovalBayvillehi. I have had a few trees affected from superstorm sandy. I was wondering if i could get some help with a rather large tree stump in the front of my yard. Thank You In Advance....Christine PaszkiewiczI CAN HELP
ConstructionI believe that you are wrong,I CAN HELP
Pet ServicesVentnorI quite like cookingI CAN HELP
Pet ServicesVentnorWhat do you do for a living?I CAN HELP
Pet ServicesVentnorI love this siteI CAN HELP
Pet ServicesVentnorI came here to workI CAN HELP
Pet ServicesVentnorCan you put it on the scales, please?I CAN HELP
General LaborSurf CityСделайте любимым символичный подарок к Новому 2015 Году! Подарите им мягкую, пушистую Овечку с Секретом внутри!I CAN HELP
Minor RepairsMargateDo you know the address? latisse bimatoprost buy People walk through Grand Central Terminal as the sun rises during a subdued morning rush on Nov. 1, 2012 in New York City. Some trains are back up and running into Grand Central following shutdowns in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Subway train service in the city is back in a limited capacity, but with much of lower Manhattan still with out power, trains are not running there and busses are replacing them. I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic CityMy family and I have been living in a motel since June right after I broke my hip and became disabled. We just got an apartment and we are moving in on monday. We are in desperate need of furniture. Its my wife and I and a 2 and 3 year old boys. Your help woukd be greatly appreciated.I CAN HELP
Water RemovalNorthfieldI'd like to open a business accountI CAN HELP
Water RemovalNorthfieldVery interesting taleI CAN HELP
Water RemovalNorthfieldI'll put her onI CAN HELP
Water RemovalNorthfieldgood material thanksI CAN HELP
Water RemovalNorthfieldIt's funny goodluckI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationLittle Egg Harbor TownshipDo you know each other?I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationLittle Egg Harbor TownshipWould you like to leave a message?I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationLittle Egg Harbor TownshipI sing in a choirI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationLittle Egg Harbor TownshipAnother service?I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationLittle Egg Harbor TownshipPlease waitI CAN HELP
LandscapingForked RiverWe'd like to invite you for an interviewI CAN HELP
LandscapingForked RiverI can't stand footballI CAN HELP
LandscapingForked RiverYes, I love it!I CAN HELP
LandscapingForked RiverI'm originally from Dublin but now live in EdinburghI CAN HELP
LandscapingForked RiverI'll call back laterI CAN HELP
Minor RepairsSmithvilleI want to make a withdrawalI CAN HELP
Minor RepairsSmithvilleCanada>CanadaI CAN HELP
Minor RepairsSmithvilleI sing in a choirI CAN HELP
Minor RepairsSmithvilleI've lost my bank cardI CAN HELP
Minor RepairsSmithvilleI didn't go to universityI CAN HELP
Water RemovalStaten Island, NYVery Good SiteI CAN HELP
Water RemovalStaten Island, NYI love this siteI CAN HELP
Water RemovalStaten Island, NYCould I make an appointment to see ?I CAN HELP
Water RemovalStaten Island, NYreal beauty pageI CAN HELP
Water RemovalStaten Island, NYThanks funny siteI CAN HELP
Food DonationBarnegat LightI'd like to order some foreign currencyI CAN HELP
Food DonationBarnegat LightA company carI CAN HELP
Food DonationBarnegat LightCould I make an appointment to see ?I CAN HELP
Food DonationBarnegat LightI didn't go to universityI CAN HELP
Food DonationBarnegat LightI've come to collect a parcelI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalMiddle TownshipHave you got any qualifications?I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalMiddle TownshipWould you like to leave a message?I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalMiddle TownshipIt's seriousI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalMiddle TownshipAbout a yearI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalMiddle TownshipWe'll need to take up referencesI CAN HELP
Mold RemovalLong Island, NYI'd like to cancel this standing order rk pa easy loans no credit check low apr Some travel agents will take personal checks but very few will take credit cards due to the I CAN HELP
HousingToms RiverNeed housing for 2 adults due to damage in homeI CAN HELP
Minor RepairsWildwoodmagic story very thanksI CAN HELP
ConstructionMargateI came here to workI CAN HELP
LandscapingShip BottomI need help with landscaping, lawn care and tree trimming, due to being a hurricane sandy survivor, disabled and widowed mother of 3 children and am still displaced, due to the storm.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAvalonadafsfdI CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesSeaside HeightsBoardwalk building damaged in Hurricane needs electric work and door repairI CAN HELP
Water RemovalPoint PleasantA few monthsI CAN HELP
Food DonationShip BottomCould you ask her to call me?I CAN HELP
Plumbing ServicesAsbury ParkWhat do you like doing in your spare time?I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationLong Beach TownshipThe National GalleryI CAN HELP
Water RemovalToms RiverWho do you work for?I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesMiddle TownshipWhat do you like doing in your spare time?I CAN HELP
Water RemovalBayvilleI don't know what I want to do after universityI CAN HELP
LandscapingToms RiverWill I be paid weekly or monthly?I CAN HELP
PaintingBeach HavenThe managerI CAN HELP
PaintingBeach HavenA pension schemeI CAN HELP
PaintingBeach HavenCan you put it on the scales, please?I CAN HELP
PaintingBeach Haveni'm fine good workI CAN HELP
PaintingBeach HavenI can't get through at the momentI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrick TownshipI'd like to send this letter byI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrick TownshipWe need someone with qualificationsI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrick TownshipHow long have you lived here?I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrick TownshipWhat do you do?I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrick TownshipI'd like , pleaseI CAN HELP
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ConstructionRockaway Beach, NYHi my name is Mary & our family home of 29 years Burned to the ground.Its been 13 months & we,ve moved 3 times. We need everything.We have the Basic furniture because we are still paying our morgatage, now rent, home owners insurance& property taxes (on an empty lot) any help would be so appreciated...Thank!!!I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesAtlantic CityInsufficient fundsI CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesAtlantic CityHow do you do?I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesAtlantic CityFree medical insuranceI CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesAtlantic CityJust over two yearsI CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesAtlantic CityWe work togetherI CAN HELP
HousingMiddle TownshipDo you know what extension he's on?I CAN HELP
HousingMiddle TownshipWhat do you want to do when you've finished?I CAN HELP
HousingMiddle TownshipA company carI CAN HELP
HousingMiddle TownshipChildren with disabilitiesI CAN HELP
HousingMiddle TownshipPlease call back laterI CAN HELP
Mold RemovalWildwoodI'm happy very good siteI CAN HELP
Mold RemovalWildwoodWhere do you come from?I CAN HELP
Mold RemovalWildwoodWill I have to work on Saturdays?I CAN HELP
Mold RemovalWildwoodThe line's engagedI CAN HELP
Mold RemovalWildwoodreal beauty pageI CAN HELP
TransportationLong Beach TownshipI like watching TVI CAN HELP
TransportationLong Beach TownshipWhat do you do?I CAN HELP
TransportationLong Beach TownshipThanks for callingI CAN HELP
TransportationLong Beach TownshipI'll text you laterI CAN HELP
TransportationLong Beach TownshipI can't get a signalI CAN HELP
Water RemovalShip BottomWhat sort of work do you do? trazodone buy online House 5- HOUSE OF BLACK & WHITE I CAN HELP
Food DonationLong Beach TownshipIt's OKI CAN HELP
Food DonationLong Beach TownshipI'm in a bandI CAN HELP
Food DonationLong Beach TownshipI was made redundant two months agoI CAN HELP
Food DonationLong Beach TownshipLost credit cardI CAN HELP
Food DonationLong Beach TownshipI've lost my bank cardI CAN HELP
Food DonationLongportSome First Class stampsI CAN HELP
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Food DonationLongportWhat line of work are you in?I CAN HELP
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Water RemovalLong BranchInsert your cardI CAN HELP
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Water RemovalLong BranchI'd like to pay this cheque in, pleaseI CAN HELP
Water RemovalLong BranchAccountant supermarket managerI CAN HELP
Water RemovalLong BranchRemove cardI CAN HELP
General LaborLong BranchI've been cut offI CAN HELP
General LaborLong BranchI've been made redundantI CAN HELP
General LaborLong BranchGet a jobI CAN HELP
General LaborLong BranchGo travellingI CAN HELP
General LaborLong BranchI'm doing an internshipI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic CityOur Family was directly affected by the events that occurred as a result of hurricane sandy. I am disabled and unable to work and still struggling to provide for my family. We are in need of appliances , Washer, Dryer, Refridgerator and stove. We are also in need of Help with Christmas as we have three children Twin Girls Age (12) and a boy Age (9). any help would be greatly appreciated.I CAN HELP
General LaborTuckertonI'd like to open an accountI CAN HELP
General LaborTuckertonAbout a yearI CAN HELP
General LaborTuckertonI'm not interested in footballI CAN HELP
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General LaborTuckertonI've got a part-time jobI CAN HELP
ConstructionStrathmereAn envelope naproxen 500mg generic naprosyn 059 Invalid Profession Code I CAN HELP
Water RemovalAvalonbuy cheap zyban onlineI CAN HELP
PaintingVentnorbuy cheap trazodone onlineI CAN HELP
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Tree RemovalCape Maybuy cheap tinidazole onlineI CAN HELP
Minor RepairsTuckertonbuy cheap eriacta onlineI CAN HELP
General LaborToms RiverI need my garage sheet rocked.I CAN HELP
Water RemovalLong Beach Townshipbuy cheap bimatoprostI CAN HELP
ConstructionWildwoodwe need help getting our home back to living condition. Help with sheet rock being put up and ceilings done and painting. All damage is from hurricane sandy. We are close but not close enough to getting done. Also yard cleanup..Thank youI CAN HELP
LandscapingBayvilleDisabled young women needs help with small area in front of my home. I am not picky . I would just like something maintenance free on either side of my front door.I CAN HELP
Hello guys! I have 20 Minecraft premium accounts that I wont use so I decided to give it away to those of you whom cant afford to buy one. Please send an email to this email: buchyhhh@gmail.comI CAN HELP
Food DonationToms RiverAt nineteen you expect to go college live your life and have fun but i guess this isnt your typical nineteen year old everything was going fine life was great. Well life isnt so great my bestfriend was just diagnosed with cancer told she has 6months to live shes due to have her daughter next month. Hurricane sandy completely destroyed the place she called home. Her parents died in a car accident last year leaving her to.raise her twin 5 year old brothers. My goal is to raise hope & maybe funds to buy her what she needsbfor the boys and the baby and help offset some of the costs of the chemo for both her and her and one of her twin brothers who suffers fr At nineteen you expect to go college live your life and have fun but i guess this isnt your typical nineteen year old everything was going fine life was great. Well life isnt so great my bestfriend was just diagnosed with cancer told she has 6months to live shes due to have her daughter next month. Hurricane sandy completely destroyed the place she called home. Herbparents died in a car accident last year leaving her to.raise her twin 5 year old brothers. My goal is to raise hope & maybe funds to buy her what she needsbfor the boys and the baby and help offset some of the costs of the chemo for both her and her and one of her twin brothers who suffers from leukemia. om leukemia.I CAN HELP
HousingTuckertonHave you got a telephone directory?I CAN HELP
HousingTuckertonI don't like pubsI CAN HELP
HousingTuckertonDo you have any exams coming up?I CAN HELP
HousingTuckertonI study hereI CAN HELP
HousingTuckertonCould you ask her to call me?I CAN HELP
LandscapingAvalonI want to report aI CAN HELP
LandscapingAvalonIs this a temporary or permanent position?I CAN HELP
LandscapingAvalonI'm not working at the momentI CAN HELP
LandscapingAvalonWhat line of work are you in?I CAN HELP
LandscapingAvalonIs it convenient to talk at the moment?I CAN HELP
LandscapingSeaside HeightsI'm in my 70's I need stone that was delivered spread on the right side of the house and drive way, I also could use some help ,painting the sides of the house I painted has far up as I could reach can't climb a ladder.I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesToms Riverperfect design thanksI CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesToms RiverCould you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account?I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesToms RiverIs there ?I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesToms RiverPlease waitI CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesToms RiverWhat line of work are you in?I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrigantineNo, I'm not particularly sportyI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrigantineI'm on holidayI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrigantineDo you know the address?I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrigantineWill I get paid for overtime?I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBrigantineI love this siteI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationLongportThanks for callingI CAN HELP
Tree RemovalShip BottomGet a jobI CAN HELP
HousingLong Beach TownshipWho would I report to?I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherBrick Townshipneed plumbing, looking for clean fill and grading. Property grounds destroyed by 20 trees that have fallen.I CAN HELP
Tree RemovalKeansburgLost home due to sandy, have to rebuild higher. Trees are in the way. Need a tree service to help out.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLittle Egg Harbor TownshipStorm washed away my 6x20' dock. Willing to pay something for replacement but can't afford a new one. If you know of a used one in good shape and can install for me, please let me know.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherKeansburgI lost my bed room set couch and kitchen table we have nothingI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalKeansburgThe Affordable Housing Alliance is organizing a Clean-Up event in Union Beach on Wednesday, June 5th from 9-4. The rain date will be Thursday, June 6th. Please contact Christina Tello at 732-389-2958 or for more information. Thank you for looking for ways to get involved and making a positive impact on the community!I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalKeansburgThe Affordable Housing Alliance is organizing a Clean-Up event in Union Beach on Wednesday, June 5th from 9-4. The rain date will be Thursday, June 6th. Please contact Christina Tello at 732-389-2958 or for more information. Thank you for looking for ways to get involved and making a positive impact on the community!I CAN HELP
PaintingLong Beach TownshipLooking for help this Sunday, May 19th.We are in Holgate, all the way down, 3 blocks from the southern end of LBI. This is my 83 year old Dad's house. It was his primary residence before Sandy and we would like to get him back down here. My sister and I will be painting the upstairs and doing yard clean up on Sunday. We have cleaned most of the debris from our yard. Unfortunately trucks and other equipment keep backing up into our front yard and there seems to be more debris every every week.Any help would be appreciated.I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationOcean CityI am still trying to replace things i.lost in the hurricaine i need of a full size bed,frame a dresser and,me and,my family are in desperate need of summer clothes we have none i have a 4 yr old my husband and i who are in need of summer clothes my one,yr,old,is the only one with summer clothes if somebody can.please help or point me,in the,right direction.... Thank.youI CAN HELP
General LaborLong Beach TownshipWe are in Holgate a few blocks from the southern end of LBI.. We could use some help this Saturday, May 11th. We will be power washing the basement to get the last of the mud out. Way behind because we just got power back last week. We will also be painting upstairs and trying to continue cleanup in the back and front yard if it is not raining.We don't need any specific skills and any help would be appreciated.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLong Branchiam hurricane sandy victom i stayed in hotel 3 months and then move to apt in oceantownship iam a single 53 yr old i need help now moving back cannot afford it,, please do you know anyone i have furniture nowI CAN HELP
HousingBelmarUdbG4e vdNu73VgkspxmBI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalKeansburgWe did not get enough money to fix our house and need a free gutting. Out program desperately n ASAP please callI CAN HELP
Food DonationToms RiverWe are In need of food,clothing (for my 5 year old daughter Cameron) Help with utility bills etc.I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesToms RiverI need an electrician to check out the house so I can get the power back on.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLittle Egg Harbor TownshipLost floating dock any help would be appreciatedI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherKeansburgIn need of formula or Pedisure for special needs child who cannot eat by mouth, and bags for an infinity pump (continuous feed machine). Also in need of diapers in size 5 and 2.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalLong Beach TownshipHelp clean-up marshes near Mud City and Mallard Island at the foot of the Route 72 Bridge in Manahawkin on April 27 from 9am-3pm. You will need good boots, gloves. The water in marshes has been high, so be ready to get wet and dirty! [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalBrick TownshipApril 27, Help clean debris from marshes directly across from Mantoloking breach. Meet-up @ Traders Cove on Mantoloking Road from 9am-3pm [View Photo] I CAN HELP
General LaborToms Riverneed vinyl laminate floors put in 400 square feetI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherCape MayOne person only to help me sort my storage areas "clutter", and get ready for a yard sale. Prefer local person to help save on their gas.I CAN HELP
LandscapingCape MayOne person only to rake up dead leaves & small sticks, drag dead branches, minor shrub trimming. Prefer local person to save on their gas.I CAN HELP
TransportationSeaside HeightsNeed general contractor to help me redo my 900 sq ft bungalow in LavalletteI CAN HELP
TransportationPoint PleasantI need help moving 2 mattresses and boxsprings from Pt Pleasant Bch to Lavallette in next 2 wks.I CAN HELP
General LaborSurf CityI am local to L.B.I., recently returned from being displaced, and am seeking paid employment asap. I have a clean/valid NJDL and transportation. Hard working, detail oriented and punctual. Clean-ups, rip outs, mold removal, sheetrock/spackle, painting, siding, roofing, landscaping, masonry and more. Company or home owner okay. Please reply with job details and phone number and I will contact you asap. Thanks in advance.I CAN HELP
General LaborSeaside HeightsHelp putting up drywall in Ortley beach.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherPoint PleasantWe've a large range of jobs and projects in place. All of which have to do with our rebuild program for families that have sustained damage to their home caused by Super Storm Sandy. We need anyone with a truck that would be willing to pick up and deliver building material: we need anyone with some kind of carpentry skills that would be willing to insulate, hang drywall and lay flooring: we need electricians, plumbers or any kind of skilled worker willing to donate they're time: we need people to canvas and meet with home owners with Help Request Forms, so we kind find families that are most in need: We need people to man tables at our solution center in Point Pleasant Beach: We need people to help with muck outs, clean out yards, clear debris and sand: We need people to help with beach and bay clean up. If you want to help, please email us with what it is you can and are willing to do. Thank You I CAN HELP
TransportationToms RiverWe are looking for someone with a truck or van that would be willing to transport a mattress and boxspring (full-size) from Belmar to Toms River. One person needs the bed. One person donated the bed. Now we just need help getting it from point A to B.I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesToms RiverNeed to have some electrical work done to rooms almost finished. I also need some electric lines rerun to flooded rooms. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Tree RemovalToms RiverVery large Cedar tree needs to be taken down. It is a very large tree and needs to be seen and advised. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationKeansburgI'm from the Keyport area and I lost all of my families clothes and because of the sizes needed we haven't been able to receive clothes, coats and boats that are fitting. If I could get some help with gift cards to Sears, Burlington Coat Factory or some sort of place for clothes for the full figure sizes would be greatly appreciated.I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationKeansburgim a resident of beer st in keyport nj we share union beach area code and lost just as much as any of tem and because of thirty families in keyport lost eveything keyport wont due any thing for it owns.union beach only help there town.i need help to.some people still have omes what about the people who have nothing!.I CAN HELP
General LaborKeansburgwe have problems with our roof with damage. Furance is not working (oil)I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherPoint PleasantWe were displaced in the hurricane sandy and lost all our contents in the 3+ feet of water throughout our living space. We did not have flood insurance so we only had FEMA assistance & rental assistance which has run out. We are in need of a washer& gas dryer for our home. Please advise if available. Thank you.I CAN HELP
Food DonationKeansburgWe are a family of 3 in need of regular groceries such as meats and fresh produce. All of the pantrys have mostly can goods. Would greatly appreciate some help. Thank YouI CAN HELP
Food DonationToms Riverin desperate need of food for my family ex husband & childrens father was diagnosed with cancer we have no food please helpI CAN HELP
ConstructionToms Riverneed help putting flooring down in bathroom and kitchen as well as gutting out bathroom and installing new appliancesI CAN HELP
ConstructionVentnorSome framing fixed, drywall from the middle to floor,spakling,insulation, ,bathroom (I have the old toilet and vanity),Kitchen (We have cabinets, but no sink), flooring, some electrical sockets moved, baseboard heat. This is a 1st floor apartment.Financially, and emotionally we are in bad shape.We put the place on the market as we don't know what else to do. I am on disability and sit and cry over this. Please help us! Thank you for your time.I CAN HELP
ConstructionVentnorSome framing fixed, drywall from the middle to floor,spakling,insulation, ,bathroom (I have the old toilet and vanity),Kitchen (We have cabinets, but no sink), flooring, some electrical sockets moved, baseboard heat. This is a 1st floor apartment.Financially, and emotionally we are in bad shape.We put the place on the market as we don't know what else to do. I am on disability and sit and cry over this. Please help us! Thank you for your time.I CAN HELP
General LaborToms Riversand removal from driveway to be able to access the garage for other garbage removal.I CAN HELP
ConstructionVentnorPlease help us. Our 1st floor of our duplex (Ventnor considers a .duplex a small business.) It needs framing and some areas fixed, drywall half way down, bathroom((saved toilet and vanity)kitchen (have cabinets but no sink)iflooring. We're in so much dept now. Please help us.I CAN HELP
General LaborToms RiverLooking for someone to paint first floor of home no money from insurance yetI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalSeaside HeightsI am trying to remove sand that washed up at my mothers house in Lavallette.... she has been displaced since the storm. i have begun removing some of the sand, but progress is slow (I'm no spring chicken at 50 years old.... any hel[p would be appreciatedI CAN HELP
Food DonationToms RiverMy Ranch Home was flooded with over 3 ft of water, lost entire contents of home with no content insurance. The 3900 that I received from FEMA went towards security and the 1st and last months rent with nothing left over. Since then I am struggling to keep current on the rent where we are currently living. There is nothing left over, and continue to struggle with buying food and clothing for my 2 children.I CAN HELP
Tree RemovalToms RiverVery old , Very tall, very loved Cedar tree sits very close to our house one leg came off during the hurricane the part that remains needs to be removed. Need someone who know how to take down such a huge tree. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSeaside HeightsI actually live in easide Park Nj along the bay but Seaside Park was not a option from the drop down bar I had 4'6" of water in my house and lost everything I ever worked for in my last 30 years just go to y facebook I have all kinds of pics O also lost my job on the Island so I have no income for my family Im starting from scratch literally. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSeaside HeightsI actually live in easide Park Nj along the bay but Seaside Park was not a option from the drop down bar I had 4'6" of water in my house and lost everything I ever worked for in my last 30 years just go to y facebook I have all kinds of pics O also lost my job on the Island so I have no income for my family Im starting from scratch literally. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
HousingToms RiverI am a renter my apartment was condemned and I am renting a bedroom we r a family of four and we just found out our apartments were not gonna be done for a year and the room I'm renting just told me I had to move in two months but I lost all my household items in storm and I have no money for security to move. I have two children and I live in the toms river area. Thank u for any help u can offerI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSeaside HeightsWe need volunteers Sunday January 13th to come to Cattus Island County Park to help us load 1000 Christmas trees into roll off containers that will be taken to Island Beach State Park to be used as part of our Dune Reconstruction project. All volunteers welcome, volunteers with pickup trucks even better! Contact Katie at 609-707-4821 or at [View Photo] I CAN HELP
ConstructionAtlantic Cityi need help to fix my roof.I CAN HELP
HousingAtlantic CityHOUSINGI CAN HELP
ConstructionToms RiverSaturday, January 12, at 10am looking for volunteers to help install insulation.I CAN HELP
ConstructionToms RiverI am a parapalegic and aid is slow coming in. I Need insulation and sheet rock installed asap to keep warm. Longterm, I need help installing a hardwood floor, and demo work for my emergency exit and deck, and rebuilding of it. Insurance won't cover that even though it is a handicapped emergency exit.I CAN HELP
General LaborLong Beach TownshipNeed 2 wood floors pulled up and ceiling removed, everything else is already gutted out. Have not received any help from my insurance co or fema or sba yet. have not been able to pay my mortgage. or billsI CAN HELP
ConstructionBeach HavenI have a small yoga and massage business called the Island Wellness Center in Spray Beach on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. I am by my self and also care for dependent parents. Insurance money and government assistance is so slow. I had to fight off foreclosure on my property this week. Do to hurricane Sandy my property is still devastated. I have no way of supporting myself until I can get my building fixed. I need help and I don't know where to turn. I can only check the computer at the library as all my belongings were ruined. If you could tex me on my cell any thing anybody could do would be deeply appreciated. I had some help from volunteers taking out wet items. I am disgusted with Fema and the insurance. I have yet to receive any help. I managed to scrape enough together so there is a new heat system on the property and hot water but have no funds to proceed at this time. Please help. I am willing to work hard but need my building to do so.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalBrick TownshipNeed help with complete gut/clean out in Shore Acres. Neighbor named Fred Farise. Lives next door to my brother Kevin Please help this guy! Tks, SharonI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherBayvilleWe have a lot of flood and wind damage and any help you could give no matter how large or small would be appreciated. Here's our current issues: -URGENT need to rewire house. The flood insurance man said that the wires would eventually corrode and become a fire hazard. -Repair or replace home's foundation (very expensive and involved). -Replace chest style freezer damaged from flood waters. -Pay credit card bill for medically necessary generator and fuel purchased during storm to run medical equipment - I am disabled. (cost of generator $1,500 and fuel to run it $300). -Clean crawlspace and re-insulate. -Repair and/or replace cracked sheetrock damaged by foundation damage and then repaint. -Clean and repair vehicle that was flooded. -Cover insurance deductibles for wind damage to home $3,000. -Inspect and clean (or replace) outdoor central air unit. -Possibly re-grade soil in yard that was washed away by flood waters. The photo shows how bad the crack in our foundation is. It's pretty serious and so is the need to rewire the home to avoid a fire hazard. If you can't help with any of those items, even a donation of food would help offset our weekly expenses and free up some money for the repairs. Thank you so much. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLinwoodneed help for xmas clothes and toysI CAN HELP
ConstructionBrick TownshipAfter gutting and rebuilding right down to new doors and paint job, my brother's neighbor Mag's house was flooded again on Friday with 14 inches of water again. He's hurting really bad and can use any help from anyone at this time! Timing is awful! Please try to help this poor guy! Tks, SharonI CAN HELP
ConstructionBrick TownshipNeeds help with painting and trim-finish work around doors and windows. Then needs help with hard wood flooring. Needs a miter saw too. Any time you can spare would be greatly appreciated!TI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLacey Townshipfamily who was devastated by sandy has three boys 10/16/18 in need of help for holidays alls they have is a treeI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic CityI am a renter,I had to relocate my familly,it took everything to move I have nothing,we had to start over and I need help with furniture,please.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLittle Egg Harbor TownshipMatthew and I have been together for 19 years we have a wonderful ,smart , caring, daughter AnnaEmmaLee together.We used to rent a little house in mystic island ,recently we lost everything to hurricane Sandy, because the inspector came out just as we were being let back in we didnt have 100% honest answers and were unsure and in denial we've gotten very little help from FEMA nothing compared to others. Anyway we've drained all our funds and we are seriously in debt we had just bought Anna a car to drive back and forth to the hospital were she goes 3x's a week to volunteer and to a small pt time job . With Christmas coming I can't even of Christmas but if I could I would wish for is furniture for my daughters bedroom we lost all of ours .maybe a bed dresser a desk and a couch. Thank u and god bless.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic CityLocal group looking for volunteers to help out with a home Thrusday and Friday Dec. 20 and 21 in South Jersey. If you can help please call 609-742-6546. Ask for Conrad! Thank you!!I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherWildwoodI need a double stroller desperately!!! I can't afford one and the one I had i lost in the hurricane, i have been trying to do 2 umbrella strollers, one just broke and when my husband finds a job i'll need to take them out by myself!I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLinwoodNeed help with christmas for my grandkidsI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherNorthfieldWe are a family of 6 in need of help for Christmas. I'm currently unemployed and my husband is disabled. We have 4 children Mariana age 11, Christiana age 8 and 7 year old twin boys Jonathan and Joseph. We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you sincerely, The Muniz Family.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherNorthfieldI am a single parent of five boys, and I have nothing for my sons. I was recently evicted and I am currently residing with my sister. Please can you help my family.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherNorthfieldHelp with christmas for my kidsI CAN HELP
HousingAtlantic CityOur Home and personal possessions are gone. We need housing desperately as our funds are exhausted and My pregnant wife and I have been walking the streets of Atlantic City, where we have been struggling for the past 90 days without assistance. Please help us to make a new start. We are hardworking, Spiritual people...walking in Faith. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Food DonationToms Riverin need of baby supplies diapers baby lotion shampoo clothes food baby food please help thank you and god blessI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherWildwoodI need to get my items out of my old apartment in seaside park before dec 27th. the previous landlord gave me that date, i have a new apartment but no way to get me items. my husband could help you get our stuff but we dont have a car, i am 9 months preg so not much help. please help me! no furniture just stuff but a lot of it!I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalToms RiverWe are looking for volunteers for Friday 12/14. We are going into Ortley Beach, NJ and helping people clear out their homes! Please join us! The more the merrier! We do work hard, but we have a few laughs too! xo 9am - 3 pm Sandy - Weekday Warriors CAN HELP
Misc/OtherToms RiverPlease call me, thank you,olgaI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherWildwoodI am a Victim of Sandy and Originally began looking for Help Cleaning up My own Flooded Home.... I Began Helping Others in the Wildwoods and Through Out Cape May County to Clean Out and Rebuild their Lives in Various Ways....I NEED VOLUNTEERS to HELP ME CONTINUE TO HELP OUR, NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS !!! I began Feeding Displaced Sandy Residents on Sat. Dec.1 & 2 @ Gioia's Ristorante ...On Tuesday Dec 4th Gioia's Opened to Feed 150-200 Sandy Surviors ...... Now Dec 9th & Dec 16th we will be Feeding 150 -200 + People and Counting as More Victims of Sandy like myself are Discovered.... I NEED VOLUNTEERS & DONATIONS as I have begun to Organize a CHRISTMAS PARTY & FREE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DAY for the SURVIVORS of SANDY ....... A room has been set aside at Gioia's where the Parents may Choose Gifts for their Children, Themselves & Family also Displaced from their Households ... No One is Forgotten and an area to wrap those Gifts themselves ( or Volunteers can do for them) ......... DONATIONS of Gifts for Children Ages 0 - 21 and Adults 21 - 80 Male & Female ...... Household Items, Personal Items, Make up, Razors, Can Goods, New Clothing, Hats, Scarfs, Gloves, Boots, (Gift Cards to Purchase Gifts), Donate Your Unwanted Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, ect.... Caravans are Sought to Transport People to and from Restaurant, Events, Dr.s back to their Towns... VOLUNTEERS PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP ..... NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS our NEW FRIENDS FROM SANDY ....... (609) 346-1514 ....(609) 410-1573 Lisa BroccoI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic Cityim in need clothing and shoes for all 9 of my children . 6girls and 3boys sizes - naveah 9-12mnths , davine - 4toddler , treasure - 8-10 kids , devin - 10-12 kids , rahshamir - 14 -16 kids ,, rahshamirah , 14-16 kids , rahshamilah 13 woman , rahshamil 22-24 , donnekah - 9-13 Shoes : Donnekah 10 woman rahshamil - 10m rahshamilah - 10 rahsamirah-9 rahshamir - 7 1/2 devin - 2 treasure -1 1/2 davine - 12 ages : donnekah 18 rahshamil - 15 rahshamilah - 14 rahshamirah - 11 rahshamir - 11 devin - 7 treasure-6 davine-2 1/2 naveah - 10mnths please and thank you .I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherVentnorHello, I am farther with three girls ages 7, 6 & 3. I'm currently out of work and was temporarily staying at a motel paid for by a great college friend in order for me to search for an apt and save money. I was not contactable with having my three beautiful kids suffer any longer by residing in a motel around strangers and health risk! Due to sandy Atlantic city was shut down and I had no finances to stay at the motel no longer. So we had to go at the shelter at that point in our lives. We did not feel safe there either, too many things were happening. I was not contactable with having my three beautiful kids suffer any longer by residing in a motel or a shelter around strangers with health risk any longer! It put me in a bind, my two oldest daughter is currently attending school in Galloway and I could not get them to and from school. The shelter would not even provide me with items for my 3 yr old but they truly did all that the could for my family and other family's there. We could barley eat, we could not bring food to our assign rooms. To make things worse, I could not stay with my three girls because i was a male figure even tho I was there farther. I've stayed on a different floor then my girls and was forced to have there auntie stay with us at the shelter. This is really breaking my heart, I try and do whatever I can for my kids and it tears me apart. My kids look at there farther as a protector and that's all they know. It hurts to answer questions from your 7 & 6 yr old, regarding our home, food Christmas & there toys. Before the storm My family member's put 2 la-way at Wal-mart of my three kids Christmas gifts. I need finical help in getting my kids Christmas gifts off la-away by (Dec. 14th, 2012) I can be reached at 1-310-739-2857. Thank you for you time in reading this, if any help is available I will greatly appreciate it deeply. Thank you and God Bless & Your Family.I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic CityI am in need of clothing I have 3 young girls ages 3,6,8. Sandy hit and their clothing was destroyed. It was being held in the garage at the home we were staying in and it flooded and mildewed . I applied for Fema but they encouraged me to get a loan ,but I cant afford a loan.I was an independent cleaning service and due to Sandy the main base of my Atlantic City residential clients no longer need my services so im now unemployed. A gift card or clothing donation would be GREATLY appreciated.Thanks In advanceI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalKeansburgUnion Beach - need help cleaning debris and damaged furniture out of basement and first floor. Foundation wall was damaged.I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic CityHello I am also in need of some clothing for my 11yr old and 1yr old girls. Currently my job at revel is still slow and finances are limited. Thank you and god bless.I CAN HELP
HousingAtlantic CityHello, I am mother with a 11yr old and 1yr old girls. Im currently working at revel casino and I was temporarily staying at a motel to search for an apt and save money. Due to sandy Atlantic city was shut down and I had no finances to stay at the motel no longer. So we had to go at the shelter. We did not feel safe there, too many things were happening. It put me in a bind, my oldest daughter is currently attending school in Galloway and I could not get her to and from. I could barley work. The shelter would not even provide me with items for my 1 yr old. We could barley eat, we could not bring food to our rooms so if I was out during the day, when we come in they had nothing saved for us. This is really breaking my heart, I try and do whatever I can for my kids and I hit road blocks and it tears me apart. I happens to run into one of my co worker and she kindly took us in but sadly I can not stay long. Thank you for you time in reading this, if any help is available I will greatly appreciate it deeply. Thank you and god bless.I CAN HELP
ConstructionKeansburgAs a result of Superstorm Sandy, my family lost everything. My single-story home in Union Beach, NJ was flooded with over 4 ft of water, and all of the walls, doors, and floors have been destroyed. I still need to rip the floors out and clean for mold. I am also seeking construction help if it is available. My insurance coverage is minimal and will not help nearly as much as needed. Photos of the destruction that Sandy caused to my house can be seen here:!i=2226877457&k=n2qzJ8c Thank you for your kindness, Frances Merse 1110 High Ave. Union Beach, NJ 07735 732-977-5581 I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherBayvilleI'm working with several charities coordinating with the charities and donors to get their needs met. Right now we have an urgent need for food to restock the local food pantries. Cleaning supplies are also urgently needed. Third in line of needs would be unwrapped holiday gifts for both children and adults. At this time we can only accept new items I will post an update if that changes. Thank you and Happy Holidays. --- Charity Connections AssociationI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSeaside HeightsThis is a long shot, I am almost 35 weeks pregnant, due in january. I lived in seaside park and my apartment there was flooded, we lost 90% of our stuff. Thankfully, some of the more important items, crib, car seat etc were provided by friends and family. However, we lost all of the minor supplies, which in actuality aren't so minor. Diapers, wipes, clothes. I am not so much concerned for myself and my fiance, as I am for having everything necessary for taking care of my impending bundle of joy. That is really ALL I want for Christmas this year. To be completely ready for my baby girl. I know some would say that since I don't have an immediate need for these items, asking for assistance to accrue them is pointless, however, if anyone could assist me in finding where to get diapers and wipes that would be fantastic. All of our money is going towards finding a place, I am currently on unemployment due to my pregnancy and my fiance works full time and we are barely getting by! Repurchasing these items before the baby arrives is a daunting task, that we can't possibly afford in the small amount of time we have left to do so. Like I said, its a long shot being that I am not in immediate need of these baby items, but both my fiance and I would be overjoyed for a little assistance.I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationToms Riveri lost everythingI CAN HELP
HousingToms Riveri lost everythng to hericane sandy i have nothingI CAN HELP
Minor RepairsBrick TownshipAlthough I was able to complete some minor house repairs on my own, I cannot repair three sections of fence around my property that fell down due to the storm. I am permanently disabled and on a fixed income. Any donation to help with repairs and supplies are most appreciated.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherKeansburgI lost alot of my clothing and hair supplys in the storm everything i owned was in the shed, a gift card to target or any type would be greatly appriated. i am a hairstylist i cant work i dont have anything im a make up artist as well i had to cancel weddings due to all my supplys being lost.I CAN HELP
General LaborSeaside Heightshouse clean up after SandyI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic CityMy family and I will hopefully be moving back into our home next week. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done because our entire 1st fl. has to be completely gutted out. We lost all of our appliances including our refrigerator and stove. We are in desperate need of these items or a gift card to Sears or Home Depot so we can purchase them. Right now we are staying in a hotel. Thanks for considering us.I CAN HELP
Cleaning ServicesSeaside HeightsHello anyone in the area the next 4 days my dad just needs help cleaning out ony what e wants to save in his house in Lavallette. We red about 15 people to volunteer the next 4 days please I just did my house and store and can't do another house text me if you can start Tuesday at 9 am 732 904 0580 or email me at I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSeaside HeightsI rented I did not own.I am in need of warm clothes, food, car payment and insurance money, gas, and a rental with in 30 mins of point pleasnt.I CAN HELP
HousingAtlantic CityI am a renter but my landlord isnt gonna fix my house bcuz CRDA is gonna demolish it. There is plenty of assistance for people who r on TANF ,or foodstamps. I also am in need of furniture.I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic CityI lost my labtop for school a dell, kids clothes boys size 7-8 a girl size 6-7, my clothes med-large ... shoes and sneakers boys sneakers size 3 girl size 2 my size 8 in woman's. Thank you for your help...I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalToms RiverHi! Looking for help tomorrow (12/1/12) taking out appliances of my parents home. Fridge/Freezer/Washer/Dryer/Stove/Dishwasher/Water Heater/Water Softner. Also need someone who can come and help remove insulation from their basement which is wet.I CAN HELP
General LaborBayvillejust need someone to help my husband with various repairs/demolition of our house that was flooded. Also, while living here, currently housing a displaced student from Seaside just so she can still go to school. We are giving back to the community but need help with various projects, no experience necessary! We have insurance but they keep dragging their feet and not helping out with any money, last excuse was that the agent that came to inspect our house 2 weeks ago lost the paperwork! WE NEED HELP now to try to do this on our own until insurance company helps with paying us for the more expensive repairs!I CAN HELP
Mold RemovalBrick TownshipI have been trying to spray for mold - but can't keep up with it. Unfortunately my husband is going in for heart surgery this Friday for the first of 2 surgeries, so he isn't able to do much and I am disabled so it is very hard. I have tried several companies like ServPro and Serve Master but they claim they are too busy to come out. I desperately need to have my home sprayed for mold and dried out. If there is anyone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated. We are still living in the house because we cannot find a place close that will allow dogs, or that is even available. I do have flood insurance, but just found out that the Flood Adjuster that came out on 11/5/12, has been fired, and now the entire process has to start over!!! I don't know how they expect us to fix the house without getting any insurance money !I CAN HELP
General LaborAtlantic CityPlease any help with removing drywall would be so appreciated. My parents are 90yrs old and 84 respectively and I live in Virginia. So local help would be appreciated.I CAN HELP
Mold RemovalAtlantic CityElderly Parents need help please, so they don't lose their home.I CAN HELP
Pet ServicesAtlantic CityWoman from Atlantic City who evacuated Hurricane Sandy with her 3 cats. My home and possessions were destroyed. Temporarily living in FEMA hotel in Absecon, NJ. My sister in another state has offered to let me live with her. This is my best option, but she can't take the animals, due to allergies. Desperately seeking good new homes for my three cats. All are socialized, in good health, up-to-date on shots. I am biased but these are really wonderful pets. Please help the pet victims of Hurricane Sandy by adopting one or more of my feline family members. Shelters are hurting and full. Don't want to go there. My heart is breaking to give them up as it is. Please contact for info and photos.I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBayvilleI knowingly knows a friend tht is in need of baby clothing a size 3-6months for a baby girl and preferably new., diapers a size 2-3 and some Christmas toys for her 6 yr old son. If anyone is wiling to drop off items or mail them to her I would appreciate the help and so will she.. Thank and God bless.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherBrigantineHi, the wind took shingles from our roof above our bedroom. It has been covered with a blue tarp. About 20 square feet. Rain came in today. We cut into bedroom ceiling and found mold and soaked insulation. We must get roof fixed right awayand then get help with the rest. Homeowners wind deductable is 4,000 and they wont cover mold so we need help. Fema ccant help because we have insurance. We wont qualify for a loan. Husband had another back surgery right after storm or he would do the work alone. Please if you have any referrals for roofing help we need it right away. Thank youI CAN HELP
Mold RemovalBrigantineHi, we lost shingles on roof and got a blue tarp on but rain still came in today. Cut a hole in bedroom ceiling and found mold and soaked insulation. We need help to fix roof .remove ceiling and soaked insulation. Must get rid of mold. My husband would normally do this himself but had a third back surgery right after storm. Our homeowners has a 4,000 wind deductable and does not cover mold. FEMA wont help because we have insurance. Please call with any recomendations as soon as possible. Thank youI CAN HELP
Food DonationToms RiverFood, diapers, formula, wipes, baby powder, lotion, sippies, school snacks, baby juice, baby snacks thank you <3I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherToms Riveri am writing for my family we are a family of 8 kids and because of the damages to our house making it very difficult to survive i am concerned that they will not have christmas this year. if anyone can help me help my siblings have a santaful christmas even just a small one please help <3I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSeaside Heightswe have 3 kids and because we still havent found a place we can afford yet we are concerned we wont be able to do much for them this Christmas. If anyone can help us give our kids a small Christmas, please let us know. thank you so much. please send an e-mail- our cell is pre-paid and we've been having trouble keeping it on.I CAN HELP
Pet ServicesWildwoodA BIG thank u 2 all the generous people who offered to transport pets from Barnegat shelter to their displaced seaside hghts family in wildwood.They have been reunited & also received generous donations of pets supplies. the family thanks u all & I (a volunteer assisting them) am in awe of ur humanity. GOD bless!I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalSeaside HeightsI need Sheetrock, ceilings and floors removedI CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesAtlantic CityMy Parents are 90 and 84 nd ave had ajor damage to their home of 55yrs. I live in Virginia and hav traeld there severl times...we have not been able to gt a licensed electrician in to certifythe electrical. allthe walls hav been rmoed for easy access but we have ad no luck getting soomeone. We need help so that we can get dehumidifiers working as soon a we can. Can u please help?I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesAtlantic CityIve had car troubles since the flood wasnt totaled out, so have been fixing it bit by bit out of pocket..have to get oxygen sensor just can't afford to put it on, & then I hope it's completely repaired ..thank youI CAN HELP
Food DonationToms Riverfamily in seaside lost everything in need of clothes food homedepot cards etcI CAN HELP
Food DonationToms Riverfamily in seaside lost everything in need of clothes food homedepot cards etcI CAN HELP
General LaborSeaside HeightsI am resident in pelican island section and need a team of people who can simply pack whatever I can salvage out of my home would love to start Tom Monday at 9 am let me know text me 732 904 0580I CAN HELP
ConstructionBrick TownshipNeed help rebuilding family home in Shore Acres, Bricktown, NJ 08723. Sub floors were dried with heat fans. Need help with flooring, tile, sheetrock, electric or plumbing! Any help would greatly be appreciated. Trying desperately to restore normalcy. Power is back on and electric is working. If you have any time or experience to offer, please contact me! Thanks so much, Sharon [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesToms Rivercircuit breakers keep popping- dont have power to certain areas of home called an electric company but earliest appt is weeks away !!!!!I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherWildwoodI was a tenant on a property that was declared un-liveable in North Wildwood. I lost a lot of my furnishings and some clothing. Although we didn't lose power, the flood burnt out my refrigerator and I lost all the food in it. I have to wait until the first for food stamps. I am in temp housing and hoping to find a home for rent year round in Villas, North Cape May area preferably. I am on SSI disability. Please contact me for more information.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherWildwoodFEMA Declared my Home ""UNINHABITABLE"" today Nov. 24th @ 2 PM ....I am a Single Mother of a 15 year old Boy, I have Limited Income and am Disabled..... Any Type of Home Improvement, Construction, Department Stores or General Gift Cards Would Be Greatly Assisting Us in Rebuilding and Replacing Our Lost Possessions and Restoring some Normalcy into Our Lives...Thank YouI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherKeansburgIn need of Home depot, lowes,walmart any gift cards to help me rebuild my house.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherToms Riverfamily in need of baby supplies for girls 8 mos and 2 1/2 boys 3-5I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalToms Riverhelp to remove insulation under crawl space under raised florida room with a small opening in cinder blocksI CAN HELP
Mold RemovalAtlantic CityMy first floor was flooded due to the Hurricane. I personally pulled up the carpet due to the mold setting in. Mold is in the walls, my hot water heater is damaged. My whole downstairs is damaged and I dont want to get sick from the mold getting into my lungs.I CAN HELP
General LaborKeansburgMy sister's house in Keansburg has been greatly affected by Sandy. Her husband has tried to remove most of the sheetrock but it is still in the house as the street is full of debris and there is no where to put it. They are obtaining a dumpster on Tuesday 11/27. If anyone can help, please give Maria a call.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic CityHi. My teenage sons and I have been living in a hotel since the hurricane. Our home is in the process of being repaired. My entire 1st fl. has to be gutted and all of our appliances have to be replaced. Any help with Home Depot, Sears or WaWa's gift cards will be greatly appreciated. I am finding the expense of repairing my home is more than the insurance company gave. As a single mom I just can't afford it.I CAN HELP
Tree RemovalBrick TownshipSeveral trees fell on our property including a large tree on the house. The tree on the house has been removed but we have about 6 or 7 that are still down. If you have anyone that can offer assistance, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Food DonationToms RiverFood, diapers, formula, wipes, baby powder, lotion, sippies, school snacks [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherCape Maywe are looking for a winter rental in ocean city a 2 bed room apartment that fits 2 kids and 2 adults i go to the harris school of business for medical assistants and lost a few books and my sethascope due to sandy, my son that is 2yrs. old lost all toys and clothes at the house we are misplaced and is jus trying to get some help we also have a11 yr old boy that goes to intermediate school in ocean city.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherToms Riverfamily in need of food daily living essentials toiletries clothes and tree remvalI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherToms Riverlocall shore prek running a christmas clothes toy drive to assist families affected by storm almost every students family was affectedI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBayvilleLooking for clothes for a 17 y/o male teenager. Pant size 36x34, shirt size XL, shoe size 14. Thank you and God Bless.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalShip BottomI live on Long Beach Island and need help moving items that were stored and have water damage. My husband has done what he can at night but works for NJ Natural Gas and working 7 days. Some things I cannot move myself.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalToms RiverI am a 76 year old handicapped man and I came back to my house in shelter cove, toms river to find my house a wreck I cannot even walk in it PLEASE HELP MEI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherToms Riverneed beds they got ruined i am sleeping on a sleeping on the floorI CAN HELP
General LaborOcean CityI am an 80 year old woman whose dealing with flooding under my home. I would appreciate any electrical, plumbing or construction help.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherBrick TownshipIm a special ed teacher looking for help for a family I work with. Single mom with 3 young children (baby only weeks old) need washer and dryer. hers along with all of the winter clothes were ruined in the bsmt during Hurricane. Used set would be fine. She doesnt have a license or car and cannot afford to get to a laundromat.I CAN HELP
Food DonationAtlantic CityWe work in Atlantic City High School Teen Center and we are getting students that come in that have lost their homes and everything. We are trying to help them the best we can but most do not have the transportation to get to distribution centers so right now we are doing what we can and giving out school supplies and clothing donations. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
General LaborBrick Townshipmy husband is looking at our brick home. he will be there this friday.and will be tearing up subflooring and ceiling. also looking for sanitation spray referrals, so we can start electrical plumbing work asap. thank u [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Food DonationWildwoodHi my name is Pam Tigar and I was working at a relief center and was put in touch with a family that lost there home from Seaside Heights NJ. They were staying at the tent city at Monmouth Racetrack and were just moved to a motel in Wildwood. I am reaching out for help for this family. I live in Manasquan which is 2 hours away. They need Thanksgiving dinner. She has a working kitchen and can cook it or if you can give this family a place to go. She has 2 little girls ages 2 and 3 and a baby due in December. Her husband is going to be deployed any day. She also lost all of her baby items and can use baby items. WE were able to get her some things but she is going to need some help. Can anyone help this family or direct me so that I can direct her? Thank you!I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationBayvilleCould use some help with men's clothing. Jeans size 42x30 (42 waist but up to 34 length would be okay). Long john bottoms size XXL. Long john tops size 3XL Tall. Sweat pants sized XXL. Men/adult sized stretch gloves. Thank you.I CAN HELP
Food DonationToms Riverfamily in need of daily living essentials thanksgiving help toys for children clothes home depot cards to buy kerosene and propane etc please family is desperateI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationToms RiverPlease if possible send new items,sleeping bags,ladies robe 3 if possible,luggage 3 pieces,childrens stuffed ornaments, socks,witch haszel, if possible send ladies totes,babys blankets Thank you...I CAN HELP
ConstructionNorthfieldhole in roof shingles missing from sandyI CAN HELP
HousingSeaside HeightsFriendly, non-smoking couple in need of a place to sleep Friday and Saturday night, Nov 23 and 24, while doing cleanup work on Pelican Island at my Mom's home. Anywhere in the Toms River area would be great. Thanks so much!!I CAN HELP
HousingToms RiverI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalBrick TownshipI am looking for someone to remove a small bit of wet insulation from a tight area of my crawl space. I have removed the majority, but there is a small crevice that I am not physically able to get to. It is dirty work and would take about 10 mintues for someone who doesn't mind tight spaces. Thank you so much.I CAN HELP
Plumbing ServicesKeansburgGas company shut me off because I have a Leak but they could not find itI CAN HELP
Mold RemovalToms RiverHouse is in Pelican Island, didn't come up as an option. We will be there all weekend, starting on Friday - Sunday 8-3, tearing out floors, walls, insulation etc...and doing what we can for mold remediation. We could use help. My mom's year-round residence, not a 2nd home, and not covered under insurance. If you have the time to help, we would really appreciate your help. Thank you. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
HousingAtlantic CityI need to rent an apartment. I just speak Spanish.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic Citypart of my roof caved in i lost bedroom furniture and clothing and i had to be relocated do to the mold growth and damages substained from hurricane sandy all my food was lost do to lost of power.I CAN HELP
General LaborPoint PleasantMy Husband is in need of an extra set of hands to help him with some remediation. Thank you so much!( no particular skill required.)I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSeaside HeightsI could really use some Plastic Bins/Large storage containers for storing things that are salvageable.I CAN HELP
Mold RemovalSeaside HeightsMy parents' house in in Seaside park. We have removed all of the drywall and flooring and there is a LOT of mold. They have no flood insurance and FEMA is not available to 2nd homeowners. My dad is retired and my mom was planning to retire in July and move down to the house. My mom has emphysema and unless the mold is remediated I am afraid her health will be at risk when she moves in this summer.I CAN HELP
TransportationManasquanBurners Without Borders is an international network of community oriented, no cost disaster relief volunteers and professionals. WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A VAN TO TRANSPORT VOLUNTEERS AND TOOLS TO VARIOUS SITES WHERE WE ARE DONATING PROFESSIONAL DEMOLITION SERVICES. BWB is currently in Manasquan NJ with 6 homes slated for demolition FREE OF CHARGE AND WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED! BWB plans to be in NJ for as long as necessary and will be moving from town to town to assist homeowners that do not have the insurance or qualify for FEMA benefits to provide demolition of condemned structures. More information on BWB can be found at CAN HELP
ConstructionBeach HavenThrough the generosity of which I am extremely grateful, people from this site removed all the wet furniture appliances and carpet. I need help on 11/24 some men to help remove paneling and insulation. I don't have much in the way of tools, my brother in law and sister will be there with what they have.I CAN HELP
ConstructionBrigantineNeed a new chimney liner installed before a replacement gas water heater can be installed. FEMA funds are not enough for both jobs. Please help. If you think you can do it even for a reasonable rate please contact me.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherKeansburgI need of lowes,home depot gift cards to help with rebuild! TIAI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationOcean CityMy four girls and I lived in pecks beach village in ocean city and our house had to be condemed to the hurricane. And unfourtunatly they lost clothes their ages are 19,18,14,5. We will gladly appreciate any help that is offered. We also lost food do to water getting into the refridgeratorI CAN HELP
HousingVentnorA mother with two children ages 4 and 6 is in need of housing in Ventnor, thru end of December. Currently staying at a hotel and running up $90/night on credit card while FEMA assistance (if any) is not yet determined.I CAN HELP
Food DonationToms Riverfamily in need of food abd clothing lost due to flooding and tree fallin from storm family of 10I CAN HELP
HousingToms RiverI need a home in Toms River to rent for at least 3 to 4 months until my house in Toms River is rebuilt , I have myself , my daughter and her three children and two small dogsI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherToms Riverlooking for donations of prek toys food etc prek looking to rebuild after stormI CAN HELP
Pet ServicesTuckertonvet for sick cat and haircuts for 2 sm poodlesI CAN HELP
HousingTuckertonneed houseing....have 2 very small poodlesI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationOcean CityI live in ocean city and out housing was condemn afoodnd we lost everything toys, clothes, food, housing. I have a 3year old that wears a size 4 in clothing and 11 in shoes all his toys and books and clothing lost due to contamination due to sewage . Help is greatly appreciatedI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic CityHi. I have lost many items due to hurricane Sandy. I have a china closet that I have wanted since I was a lil girl. When my aunt died at the age of 92, I was given the china closet. The bottom of it was damaged. I would love to have it restored. If anyone knows anyone who can do it or how I might go about it please let me know.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherOcean CityI own a pet store in Absecon NJ. We got a call from a family in Ocean City NJ who is displaced until about Feb/March. They are hoping to find a temp foster home to watch their 5 year old Russian Blue female cat. She gets along with other cats and is real sweet girl. If someone can help, keep this family stay united with their cat call Animal House 609-383-0243I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic CityDue 2 the hurricane I was given less work days and I am not able 2 buy my baby winter close can barely pay rent please helpI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic Cityin need of clothes , coats ,sneakers , boots , and cleaning supplies , and toiltriesI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLacey TownshipI need two storm doors to be repaired front and the back fromm the wind and help rake the yard from debris , and help with food and some new clothing in lady size 6 and mens size s also a new boy clothes size 14/16 for my son with autism , and boy jackets and dog food and cat food and litter , help with cable bill and the electric bill since my husband was out of work due to the storm now he sick and try to get us back on on feet, i'm also look for work if any know where i can find work , i'm a computer artist and used to drive a bus been out of work.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalLong Beach TownshipThis is my 83 year old fathers house located in Holgate. His house was not badly damaged but did have 4 and 1/2 feet of water inside. The house is on pilings so the main part is fine. The ground floor basement and garage however was flooded and everything is covered in mud. My sister and I went down last Friday when were were allowed and started to remove items but there is plenty more to do. There are several heavy items that I don't think we will be able to move by ourselves. Any help would be appreciated.I CAN HELP
HousingVentnorlooking for housing in Ventnor after Hurricane Sandy. Family of 4 includes boys 14 and 13, wife and husband. Two small dogs that are crate trained. need 3 bedroom if possible. would prefer single house if possible. ready to sign yearly lease if available.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalLong Beach TownshipStafford Township Storm Relief Center is looking for volunteers to physically go in and work with crews to "clean up" homes this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This will be a combination of clean up and demolition and it is the last opportunity for them to get crews organized to do this. They are asking that volunteers who are able to help meet at the Stafford Twp Community Center located at 385 Jennings Rd in Manahawkin, NJ. Volunteers will meet at 9AM Friday, and between 9AM and 10AM on Saturday and Sunday. They are trying to get an accurate count on how many volunteers are coming so if you are able to help, please text your name, and how many people will be coming with you to help to 908-783-2050I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic Cityneeds help w/clothes & bedding for 3kids & I, please.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalAtlantic CityWe have a smell like Diesel in the home and around the house. need information of removal of a leak under tank.I CAN HELP
Mold RemovalAtlantic CityhI I am a home renter and i need help with mold removal and funiture due to the hurricane sandyI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalAtlantic CityI need someone (volunteers) to help me tear out floors,baseboards, sheet rock in the house and tear out debris/insulation in the crawl space.I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic CityNew Stove, supplies from Home Depot, Food from shoprite card.I CAN HELP
HousingToms RiverWe lived in a rented house in Toms River across from a lagoon and lost almost everything. We are looking for a long term rental, preferably in Toms River. We are looking for a house or townhouse with 3 bedrooms and must have central air for the summer due to allergies. Also need either a garage or basement. No pets, non smokers, good credit, 2 adults and 1 teen. No realtors please as we already have that info. Thank you!I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationToms RiverI live in a motel in millville,n.j. Please contact me here,by phone .I CAN HELP
HousingNorthfieldMy floating home was destroyed. I need a rental near Galloway. I am a teacher there. I have 2 very small dogs 4 lbs and 8 lbs. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
General LaborBrigantineI have insulation under my house, in a crawl space, that has to be removed and replaced that was damaged in the storm. I do not know if there is mold or not, but an inspection would be great. Any assistance would be appreciated.I CAN HELP
Food DonationToms Riverfamily of 7 with young children in desperate need of food cleaning supplies toiletries clothes etc they have no car or way to get placesI CAN HELP
Mold RemovalAtlantic Citythe wall need remove.I CAN HELP
Tree RemovalBrick TownshipActually live in Howell, but there was no option for that. I'm a single mom of 2 boys. I had 1 huge tree fall and had help getting rid of most of it. I have 2 remaining trees with root systems that are severely damaged and will fall. Insurance will not pay for them to be removed, and even if they do, I can't meet my deductible anyway. My ex-husband lost time at work and has been unable to pay support for 3 weeks. Can't afford to pay to take the trees down. I'm willing to help anyone with debris removal, cleaning, whatever I can do.I CAN HELP
HousingSurf City2 clean and professional adults with 2 sweet fixed male tabby cats seek immediate and long term rental. We can not return to our rental on LBI due to damages sustained by Sandy. We can afford up to $1000 per month. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.I CAN HELP
ConstructionLittle Egg Harbor TownshipNeed help with drywall and wood replacing kitchen cabinets, water was over 4 feet in house.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSeaside Heightsi was evacuated outta seaside park a block from the heights and i am need of help getting my life stitched back together. i lost my job and home. me and several others were relocated to wildwood, nj with very minimal resources and little knowledge of the area. i have no clue of how or where to start. im only 20 yrs old and i have a few disabilities which prevent me from successfully doing things on my own.I CAN HELP
HousingForked RiverMy home was flooded lost everythingI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherToms Riveri need help with the following,Electric Bill,Gas Bill,Water-Sewage Bill. due to helping displace family of 3 that are friends and i can use the help to help myself and them since they have no place to go,no job and no car. Thanks So Much a Heartfull Person.I CAN HELP
TransportationSeaside Heightsi lost my home, job, and had to place my beloved cats and dog in a shelter. i'm in a town in which i have no familiarity or any means of transportation. i really need transportation from wildwood, nj to lakewood, nj to fill out paperwork for housing assistance.I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic CityWe lost electricity 3 Times and each period was like 2-3 days and out of those 3 times we lost food twice and it was total about 350 worth.I CAN HELP
HousingLong Beach TownshipWE are in desperate need for some temporary housing in this area. We need the word to get out to the government and fema how badly housing is needed in this area. Alot of the homes here can be repaired, and they need to stay close to area to fix, go to work, have their kids in school, etc.. We need trailors down here in a big way! Spread the word!! Thank you. I CAN HELP
Clothing DonationToms Riverfamily lost alot to storm needs clothes girls 12-14 juniors m/l 9/11 boys 3t-5t boys m/lI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSea BrightUrgent need for propane now in Sea Bright! If you are in a position to donate or know someone who is, please call 732-996-4346.I CAN HELP
General LaborAtlantic CityI have lived here since 1989 and this storm has destroyed my home. My mother is elderly and disabled so we live on a fixed income. Our roof and first floor of our house suffered a lot of damage. We have tried all resources to borrow money but no one even called us back. We have no refrigerator, no stove, so we can not cook or even make a meal. All of our winter coats were in the first floor closet and now it's cold. I am a senior at Stockton and graduate next month hopefully but I am so overwhelmed with stress about my home that I can't concentrate on my school work. We are good people and I am always helping anyone I have ever known, I would be so very grateful that if anybody out there in the world can help us during this unfortunate time in my family's life. Thank You in advance The Qureshi Family [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Food DonationAtlantic CityI lost all of my food due to sandy and having to move on October 30th and I was just given an ok after an disuel fuel leak under my apartment.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic Cityim in the need of diapers, baby items and boy toddler cloths size 2t/ 3tI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationLittle Egg Harbor TownshipMy son is in need of clothes all of the essent. size big and tall 3 or 4x's he lives uptown in Atlantic City and lost most everything his clothes are now becoming mildew and molded......He's to proud to ask but I'm notI CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesBrick TownshipUrgent...... I am posting a message at the request of Shore Acres... WE are in need of electrical contractors to PLEASE come to the are to inspect houses so power can be returned to homes. Shore Acres is located in Brick NJ. Anyone that can help please in box me, e mail me at I will be checking it frequently for any posts. People here need power ASAP. Almost all homes in community where effected by water and need to be checked before power can return. I am pleading for help for them. Thank you.I CAN HELP
HousingLongportLooking for part time housing if I can find. Need for Thanksgiving weekend. Might need in Dec. Much thx for any help. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic Cityhello everyone i live in atlantic city nj iam a family daycare owner of 8 yearsi lost all my outside toys and daycare van due to sandy any help is grateful needed for.the children of cheerful child care.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalAsbury ParkMy house is actually located across Deal Lake from Asbury Park in Loch Arbour. I need debris removed from my property, but I need my basement cleaned out and dried so mold doesn't set was flooded as a window blew out from Sandy.I CAN HELP
ConstructionLittle Egg Harbor TownshipI have damage to wood, took alot of the sheet rock down to discover this, I am 61 and no longer can try something like this on my ownI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationAtlantic CityEverything in my downstairs was destroyed. We currently can't stay in the house.I CAN HELP
Minor RepairsBrigantinekitchen floor/livingroom floor was damanged during flood. awaiting fema inspection. concerned about mold. any help greatly appreciated. disabled on fixed incomeI CAN HELP
Pet ServicesAtlantic CityI am a single parent who has a sweet beautiful dog name Snow, I lost my job for in June Snow hasnt been cut since before then. I just started a new job and wanted to get snow done but now Sandy hit us and I have to spend my money on hot meals and laundry matsI CAN HELP
Cleaning ServicesCape MayI am a disabled senior & cannot afford to pay. I further injured myself sopping water up in my basement during the 3 day storm. Consequently I am unable to fulfill my household chores: vacuuming, carrying throw rugs to laundromat, putting items back in place that I moved for storm protection, lawn cutting and leaf raking and branch removal. My place is a mess of clutter while I recover as per my Dr's orders.I CAN HELP
HousingSurf CityDue to hurricane Sandy our rental home on L.B.I. is no longer available. We have very little money and our FEMA hotel stay ends on the 15th of November. We are seeking a small apartment that may be rented at first for services rendered (cooking, cleaning, repairs, caretaking/babysitting, running errands, etc..) and then possibly cash rent, month to month, or lease. Accommodations sought are for 2 adults and 2 very well behaved fixed male tabby cats. Both myself and my partner have extensive experience in landscaping/ pavers/ lawn care( I held the position of landscape supervisor for nearly 12 years), I also ran a catering business out of my home for a few years if that could be helpful. We are neat, clean and very professional. Please address response to Sara or Dennis for additional information and references.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSandy Hooki live in Keansburg NJ and lost everything, if anyone is donating gift card to either Lowes, Home Depot, Food town,Shoprite etc. that would help my family out a great deal!!! thanks in advance.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalBeach HavenI am by myself also caring for aged dependent parents my only means of support is my Wellness Cents busuness and rental income on my property that has been submerged My resorses are limited and need some men to carry out things I am unable to I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherSandy HookI lived in Highlands at above address and lost everything I owned. My aunt found a woman who gave me a mobile home that needs work in order to move into. some flooring work, installing kitchen cabinets, and some plumbing work. I don't have much money and have lost everything i owned from the hurricane. I will be getting money from fema which i am going to use to fix up this home. I am in need of volunteers to help me fix this home so I can move into it. If anyone can help me you can reach me at the email above or my phone. I will be able to start working on the home after Tuesday 11/13 when the owner will turn it over to me. I will be able to get the most of the material I need to work with.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalHarvey CedarsMy husband and I are in our mid to late 60s, both with cardiac conditions which prohibits us from lifting and carrying even moderately heavy items. We need help emptying our shed of items that got flooded during the storm. We need i done as soon as possible before mold sets in. We also need to access some things in the back of the shed that we are unable to reach. Please help us bring items to the road for pick-up. Thank you for your consideration.I CAN HELP
Mold RemovalBrigantineI need help in our PA house. Our primary home in NJ is un-livable and we had to move out with our three small children (5 and under). We got water in the basement and up the walls and need mold remediation in our PA house where we have to live asap. Our PA house is near Hazleton, Pa. Dont know if anyone can help but it would be greatly appreciated.I CAN HELP
General LaborBrick TownshipNeed help moving furniture in adult community and lighting pilot and moving small fenceI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic CityHi. Today was an extremely difficult day for me. I lost all of my appliances during the hurricane. Today they were removed from my house. I would appreciate any gift cards for Home Depot or Sears. I have to replace everything that was on my first floor. I have two sons and all we want is to be able to go home SOON. I CAN HELP
General LaborBrick TownshipHouse completely covered with water. Everything needs to be ripped out and rebuilt again. Still no power. Using generator and fire place to stay warm Need more fire wood. Any help would be appreciated! [View Photo] I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherMargateStarting Monday, the Jewish Family Service's drop-off and distribution center will be open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. at St. James School in Ventnor. Entrance is off Portland Avenue between Ventnor and Atlantic. JFS will be distributing non-perishable food, toiletries and other basic necessities. The Red Cross will also be serving hot meals daily. Donations are also accepted at this location. For more information and volunteer opportunities, call 609-822-1109 or email CAN HELP
Cleaning ServicesSouth RiverOut house was flooded, we can't live there and we need help with clean up this weekend starting at 10 AM both days. E-mail me at if you can help.I CAN HELP
HousingBrick TownshipLost our home in Brick. School will open soon. Looking for a house or apartment for our family. Close to the Drum Point area.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalBeach Havenneed help removing furniture carpet appliances major water damage limited resources will be at address 11/10 and into the next week thank you very much not sure if I will have access to email there am staying off island house uninhabitable at presentI CAN HELP
General LaborBrigantineI need someone to go under my house & remove insulation. I'm willing to buy masks or any necessities for the job!I CAN HELP
Tree RemovalLittle Egg Harbor TownshipDear Sirs, I am disabled & the damage from the storm is way beyond what I can manage. I couldn't find my township on your list of cities, my township is Galloway on the south side of Egg Harbor City & the post office assign to my area is Egg Harbor City post office, I had to pick a City, so I picked what sounded similar. The storm has uprooted a huge pine tree, which leans dangerously on the very tip of another pine tree, photo enclosed. I am afraid that with next windy day that pine tree will come down crashing, God forbid, on the house or the shed. Please can someone help? A couple of trees are broken in half, they fell down taking space in my backyard which I use to walk & train dogs. I run a small rescue for working dogs, I train them & find them good 'forever homes' or find them 'new jobs' if they are young enough. Some huge branches fell on a small kennel behind my garage & completely destroyed it, so now I have 6 shepherds staying inside my small house. The storm also damaged severely the roof around the 3 sky windows or the windows themselves, because the water was pouring down from the ceiling (roof) straight into living area & there are 'pockets' of damaged paper around the windows where water leaked. I volunteer in the above mentioned SJK9 Rescue, it brings me peace & joy that I can save lives of such beautiful, highly intelligent animals, this is my only reward. I am desperate for some help, my small disability barely covers daily needs and sometime not enough to the next SS pay day, so I cannot hire anyone to help with those damages. Right now, I am worried about that uprooted tree the most. Please be so kind to call me and let me know if there is someone who could help straighten up this place a little bit. Thank you, my best regards - Barbara Barker [View Photo] I CAN HELP
HousingSeaside HeightsWe need 2 bedroom apartment or house (foreclosure) we are preapproved already for FEMA rental and hotel. We have steady income coming in but need home food Clothing etc Please try to support FEMA trailors or pre fab housing So that we can have warmth and security Thank you kindly it means the world Please reply email Only!!I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLong Beach TownshipJust got a call from the Stafford Township Storm Relief Center. They are looking for volunteers to go in and begin the process of "cleaning up" homes this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This will be a combination of clean up and demolition. They are asking that volunteers who are able to help meet at the Stafford Twp Community Center located at 385 Jennings Rd in Manahawkin, NJ. If you would like to get any more information, contact Stafford Township Storm Relief Center 609-597-5113I CAN HELP
HousingSayrevilleReposting for a friend. The need is actually from Brooklyn, Sayreville was the town farthest north that I could select. We need foster homes for small dogs. We have a neighbor who lives on 38 Gunnison Court Brooklyn, NY 11235 and has about 15 small dogs. The place was seriously hit by the Hurricane. A friend is fostering 3, another neighbor took 1 that was about to die...they are all wet and cold. There is no electricity, no clean water, no gas... it is freezing inside. The dogs are not going to make it through these few days unless we have more volunteers to take them in. Please contact Eva tonight 212.613.1444 (from 10am-6pm) and 718.743.7252 (from 8pm-11pm) and 212.613.1444 (from 10am-6pm) if you can take help. You may also email ( before 6PM. Thank you!I CAN HELP
LandscapingToms RiverNeed our lot plowed in prep for arrival of relief suppliesI CAN HELP
HousingSeaside HeightsApartments needed for 2 families. 1st is an Adult Daughter & mother who can not return to their home in Seaside Park. the other is for a single mother and 2 daughter who can not return to their home in Seaside Heights, this family is on Section 8 and monthly allowance is $1300. Both Families are looking to rent in Toms River or Manchester NJ.I CAN HELP
Cleaning ServicesAtlantic CityWe had a room with the majority of our clothes have water come in, and without a washer and dryer of our own, cannot wash, nor get to a close laundrymat with the amount of clothes it isI CAN HELP
Clothing DonationVentnorWe lost our stuff in flood, no heater, not hot water and the laundry room and basement were under water. We are staying at the Sheraton AC with our 2 kids.I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherLong Beach TownshipI am posting for the organization. I am a volunteer who was helping them today. They are collecting clothing, food, cleaning supplies and basic necessities for people in the area (LBI, Beach Haven, Stafford Twp. etc). They are located at 775 East Bay Avenue in Manahawkin. There is a desperate need for tools for clean up and construction. Some specific requests are for shovels, rakes, brooms, hammers, dust masks and gloves.I CAN HELP
HousingSeaside HeightsMy kids and I lived in Seaside Heights, NJ. We are unable to return home for 6-8 months. We have no clue if anything remains.We have no clothes , furniture or a house to live in until we can see if we can return. Also my car is damaged from flood waters and only have liability insurance on it. [View Photo] I CAN HELP
LandscapingWall TownshipWe lost a row of pine trees. I had a service cut them down, but they did not grind out the stumps. I need to grind out the stumps and plant something new. My husband is handicapped and cannot do the job on his own.I CAN HELP
Food DonationToms RiverWe had been renting an apartment (not home owners) in Seaside heights but are now staying with family and need to provide our own food & supplies. We are a family of 5- mom,dad & 3 kids-17,15,&11. The shelters where great with clothes but we really need food or gift cards to food stores (not cooked meals). Thank-you.I CAN HELP
Food DonationPoint PleasantMy electric was lost due to Sandy and all food went bad.I CAN HELP
TransportationAtlantic CityCar completely flooded..have no way to work or school..can someone please help.I CAN HELP
General LaborLittle Egg Harbor Township****Volunteers Needed**** The Red Cross medical unit in Little Egg Shelter, where I volunteered yesterday, reached out to me looking for volunteers to assist them. Specifically they are looking for personal assistants. This is a great opportunity for CNAs/Techs or anyone that has done homecare before. Please bring ID and a copy of your CNA/EMT/LPN/RN certification/liscense. My email address is if you have any questions. The contact for Red Cross is Deb/Paula 765 430 1287.I CAN HELP
General LaborForked RiverOur beach house got 4-5 feet of water, It is only one level and the entire house is ruined. I have been working to try to get everything removed because mold is already setting in. I could use some hands to help remove walls, carpets, etc. Then I need to rebuild. Thank you so much.I CAN HELP
General LaborBrigantineRipping out carpet and trash to curb yard pick upI CAN HELP
Plumbing ServicesSeaside HeightsI neefto drain pipes so water will not freeze and burst the pipes, please i am so stressed about thisI CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesToms Riverfallin treeI CAN HELP
General LaborBrigantineAll furniture has been removed and carpets. We have no insurance so FEMA recommended we removed all flooring and part of the walls first to save money. We need help removing the hardwood floors, possibility tile in kitchen, bathroom and removing part of the wall. If your in the area. We will be working all week on the house. Either send over an email or give me a call. My daughter will be managing the emails and calls. Thank you.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalLittle Egg Harbor TownshipNeed help clean out house from flood. I filled out this form for my friend since I can not help him. Was in a motorcycle accident with a deer 2 weeks ago and have broken ribs. He needs help lifting large items to curb. Thank youI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalOcean CityHeavy lifting and removalI CAN HELP
ConstructionLittle Egg Harbor TownshipFloors, walls, and kitchen cabinets need replacing. Water was 2 feet deep in the house.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalPoint PleasantGarbage and water damaged furniture removal. Debris removal.I CAN HELP
Electrical ServicesManasquanI live in manasquan nj , their are many cities not on your list near point that are on the coast that are Extremly damaged ... I have no heat and electric nor transportation ! Im a single Mom with 2 young boys and work as a waitress so now I'm out of work for 2 weeks as Well as No heat or electric! I can't afford a genrator ..I CAN HELP
Misc/OtherOcean CityAre you willing to prepare a meal or serve on a volunteer team for home clean-ups? Please contact Sarah Lee, Include your name, contact information, and your willingness/need.I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalVentnorEmail is not working. Please call cell. Would like to do this on Sunday if possible. carpets, furnitureI CAN HELP
Debris RemovalVentnorwhole house was wiped out, need help getting things out... about 4 foot of water came in the houseI CAN HELP
Cleaning ServicesVentnormy office got 4 foot of water, need help getting things cleaned up and out. An extra set of hands would be greatI CAN HELP
Misc/OtherAtlantic CityNo heat and it is freezing! I have kids in the house, the stove doesn't work and the heater doesn't work. Can someone bring me heaters today?I CAN HELP
Debris RemovalMargateOur home in Ocean Gate, NJ is occupied by my 90 year old mother. We need help hauling debris and cleaning out from over a foot of water in house. Our friend Leigh Turner suggested you may be able to help us! Thanks!!!I CAN HELP